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November 2016 - Sylvia Hasenkopf: topic to be decided

October 2016 - presentation of 2017 calendar

September 2016 - Mary Lou Nahas: Boarding Houses of Town of Durham

August 2016 Newsletter -- pdf file
Anita Stevens Sanctuary: South Street, Greenville & Tribute to Family

July 2016 Newsletter -- pdf file
Garth Bryant: history of Bryant's Store

June 2016 Newsletter -- pdf file
Robert & Johanna Titus: Devonian Greenville and Catskills

May 2016 Newsletter -- pdf file
Ted Hilscher - Farm Scene Investigation

April - No Meeting

Winter - Spring 2016 -- pdf file
Annual Report

November 2015 Newsletter -- pdf file
A Trip to Italy (Don Teator)

October 2015 Newsletter -- pdf file 
Presbyterian Church future, 2016 calendar

September 2015 Newsletter -- pdf file
Stevens families - Sylvia Hasenkopf

August 2015 Newsletter -- pdf file
Main Street, Greenville: Pt 2 (slide show)

July 2015 Newsletter -- pdf file
Main Street, Greenville: Pt 1 (stories and memories)

June 2015 Newsletter -- pdf file
O'Hara's Corners

May 2015 - no meeting

April 2015 Newsletter -- pdf file
Civil War Round Table - With High Hope for the Future

Winter Spring 2014-2015 
Annual Report

November 2014 Newsletter
An Old-Timer Reflects (Walter Ingalls)

October 2014 Newsletter 
2015 Calendar, slide show of a "few" past pages

September 2014 Newsletter
General Stores: John I - Norton Hill, Winn - Grapeville

August 2014 Newsletter
History of Greenville Through Photos, Part III

July 2014 Newsletter
Chuck D'Imperio - Upstate New York stories

June 2014 Newsletter
Pine Lake Manor - resort history in Greenville

May 2014 Newsletter
Mary & Allyn's Mysteries; St. Patrick's Day Parades - Anne Lafferty

April 2014 Newsletter 
Greenville Aviation -- Freehold Airport

Winter 2013-2014 Annual Report
a look back, a look ahead

November 2013 Newsletter
Share session 2015 Recognition

October 2013 Newsletter
2014 GLHG Calendar

September 2013 Newsletter
Interview with Roberta (Roe) Jennings

August 2013 Newsletter
Greenville History Slide Show (Yr 2)

July 2013 Newsletter
General and Mrs. Grant to talk war and Morgan horse

June 2013 Newsletter
Chuck D'Imperio - teller of Upstate New York stories

May 2013 Newsletter
at Baumann's Brookside: Baumann's Brookside as microcosm of Greenville's progression of farm house - boarding house - resort

April 2013 Newsletter
share session: 5 Shaw grinders, Rasmussen folders

Annual Newsletter - Winter '12-'13
a look back at 2012, look ahead to 2013

November 2012 Newsletter
share session; Don's travelogue - France; 2014 calendar photos selection, recognition

October 2012 Newsletter
share session; select pictures, recognitions for 2014 calendar

September 2012 -- meeting canceled

August 2012 Newsletter -- list of sources about Greenville; recognition of individuals list
History of Greenville in Pictures, by Don Teator

July 2012 Newsletter; -- boarding house chart, boarding house map
Boarding Houses - list, web site 

June 2012 Newsletter
Hurricane Irene -- Professor Titus 

May 2012 Newsletter
Sunny Hill as archetypical boarding house/resort 

April 2012 Newsletter
share session